• A week of it made my year.

    "It has restored the joy that was always there but all to often lost in the deep rough." ~ Andrew

  • What is the game about?

    "The highlight of the week was finally realising for sure what the game is about." ~ Dave

  • Perfect your swing

    "This week was so much more than a trip to another world - it was a balance of inner and outer dimensions." ~ Jane


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Fairway to Heaven, what can I say I haven’t better said at length in Preferred Lies? It has brought humour, freedom, lasting friends and gladness to my golf. It has restored the joy that was always there but all to often lost in the deep rough of seriousness, fear of failure and self-distrust. A week of it made my year.

Andrew Greig’s book, Preferred Lies: A Journey to the Heart of Scottish Golf (2006), is a memoir of this journey, featuring his experiences on Fairway to Heaven.

The book was featured on the BBC Radio 4 Book of the Month and shortlisted for the William Hill 2006 Sports Book Of The Year Award.

Andrew Greig

I found FTH to be a unique opportunity to challenge my physical skills and develop a different attitude toward a sport I love, all while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow golfers from around the globe. Joan, John and Vin, producers of the program, ensured my time at The Home of Golf created wonderful memories.

Bill Ludkiewicz

Fairway to Heaven was literally a once in a lifetime experience… Except in our case it happened twice! We went to Ireland in 2018 and Scotland in 2019 and had the best golfing experiences EVER! It begins with the people – a small group of golf enthusiasts from all walks of life – who came together to enjoy the game and each other. The camaraderie was wonderful, the courses were amazing, the accommodations were delightful, and the food was fabulous. As promised, this was a spiritual adventure. We will go again and again and again.

Patty and Howie Root

The golf courses, the conversations, the surroundings, … it is just a special atmosphere. You can learn something about your game, explore yourself or just enjoy everything – whatever you choose to do.